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Free Google Plus Icon Vector

The Google+ Icon has been downloaded over 50,000 times!

Update! Google changed Google+’s multi-color favicon and badge to a red version of the Google+ icon. We’ve created a vector version of the new red Google+ icon and have included it in the free Google+ icon download along with a 128px optimized version (shown) and the standard 16px, 32px, and 64px version of the new red Google+ icon.

Red Google+ IconWith the launch of Google+ we had a need for a Google+ icon, so we designed some Google Plus icons. Rather than keep the Google+ icon to ourselves, we’re sharing the Google+ Icon Vector with you. With how quickly Google+ is growing, who knows, maybe we’ll be replacing our Facebook icons with Google+ icons in a few months.

Feel free to use this Google Plus icon anywhere you like, no attribution link required, but we would greatly appreciate one if you use our Google Plus icon. If you want to show off how you’re using the Google Plus icon, hit us up on twitter!

Download Google Plus Icon Vector
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  • Files Included in the Google+ Icon Download:
  • new-g-plus-icon-128.png Icon
  • new-g-plus-icon-64.png Icon
  • new-g-plus-icon-32.png Icon
  • new-g-plus-icon-16.png Icon
  • g-plus-icon-150×150.png Icon
  • g-plus-icon-96×96.png Icon
  • g-plus-icon-48×48.png Icon
  • g-plus-icon-32×32.png Icon
  • g-plus-icon-16×16.png Icon
  • plus-icon-150×150.png Icon
  • plus-icon-96×96.png Icon
  • plus-icon-48×48.png Icon
  • plus-icon-32×32.png Icon
  • plus-icon-16×16.png Icon

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