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  1. Basic Info

  2. This is what you’re called. Unless people call you something inapropriate. In which case you should probably just make up a name.

  3. We require your email address for many components of our process. Don't worry, we'll keep it between us.

  4. If you prefer to converse over the phone, we have one of those and would love to chat.

What can we design for you?

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  1. General

  2. For most web design and development projects, we require a starting budget of $5,000. Depending on the required functionality, starting budgets can go up to $15,000.

  3. This is case-sensitive and will be referenced throughout our dealings and referred to during any identity development.

  4. We're interested in the history and backstory behind the name. The more context we have, the better we are able to connect.

  5. What are you giddy with excitement about and why would someone else be interested?

  6. Who do you identify as the main group of people you are attempting to reach?

  7. You've got the answers, but what are they looking for?

  8. Where do people hear about you, or what are your primary methods of advertising?

  9. How long are your arms?

  10. Who's competes for your target audience? Tell us why you're more amazing and what makes you the best at what you do.

  11. We want to know where you're going and where you see your organization so we can plan accordingly.

  1. Identity

  2. The preference in style that you specify will be what we work with when assessing what design direction to follow.

  3. If a new logo, we are happy to suggest compatible color palettes or you can specify any of your own preferences. If this is a redesign, let us know if you have any existing brand colors to take into consideration.

  4. Naturally, we would only use a color if it was appropriate and applicable to your brand, but if there are any specific colors that should be avoided, do let us know.

  5. If a new logo, what benefits would you like to see from this identity? If a redesign, what are you wanting the new logo to achieve that you previous one may not have achieved?

  6. Knowing where the logo will be utilized helps us incorporate the proper amount of versatility into the logo so that it will be applicable across all desired mediums.

  7. If you already have something in mind, we want to make sure to take it into consideration so all of your expectations will be met.

  1. Web

  2. What's the dot to your com?

  3. If you had to give the most important thing the website needs accomplish, what would that be?

  4. Besides the main goal, list any and all other things the website should accomplish.

  5. A first-time user needs to be presented with a clear action to take. What action is imperative that a new visitor takes?

  6. Your website also needs to cater to users who have already been to your page. When they come back, what should their main focus be?

  7. Essentially let us know what you want the website to be able to do.

  8. We're looking for a style to base the design direction off of.

  9. This is really so we can be made aware of any existing brand colors that may need to be incorporated. If there aren't any, then "none" is a perfectly acceptable answer.

  10. Obviously we would not use any extreme colors that would be inappropriate and a bad match for your style, but let us know if there is a color that it is important that we do no use.

  11. Main pages are what we are referring to here. If your site will have a blog, we understand there will be many additional posts, in which case simply list any desired categories if applicable.

  12. If you have a list of the exact products you will have available, that is even better!

  13. We design for the content, so we need to know if it will be using content that is already online, or if you will be giving us new content to base the design off of.

  14. If you are interested, we can discuss a monthly strategy through which we can drastically improve your rankings in the Search Engines.

  15. If you have none, it's perfectly ok - that's what we're here for! We just want to check to see if you have any preconceptions so we make sure to account for your expectations.

  1. Print

  2. We can also design your packaging, album artwork design, etc.

  3. If we are also designing a related identity or website for you, we can easily match the style to keep everything congruent.

  4. We're happy to accommodate any specific colors or color scheme you have in mind.

  5. Please let us know if there are any color that should be avoided.

  6. If the content is rather extensive (e.g. brochure or magazine), you can always provide that content at a later time in a follow-up email.

  7. Let us know if you already have a printer, otherwise we can hook you up.

  8. Depending on what type of print material we are designing, the ideas and concepts can potentially be pretty diverse. If you have any preconceptions, please share them with us.

  1. Other

  2. If there was anything we didn't cover in the questionnaire, just let us know and we'll get back with you to discuss options!


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