jokal - a free font & webfont

Jokal - a free font and webfont

100% free & hand crafted @font-face

A custom serifed font, Jokal was originally born while working on San Antonio based band Abberdein's Heart Like Your Heart project. We initially started out with some custom type for the album cover but eventually ended fleshing out an entire font.

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@font-face and Web Typography
@font-face is quickly becoming the standard format to bring non "web-safe" fonts to the web browser. This opens a whole new world in the realm of web typography - greatly enhancing the web browsing experience. In the interest of pushing the web forward, we are providing free @font-face licensing so you can use Jokal on your website, both in non-commercial and commercial ventures.

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jokal sketches

Behind the Font
Our goal in the beginning was to create a font that felt like it was hand made and evoked a very personal, human feel. We wanted to saturate every letter of Jokal with a unique character. To accomplish this, we sketched every single letter starting with pencil, paper, and a little bit of imagination.

Once the drafts were complete, letter sketches were brought into Illustrator. While guides and a grid were used to promote consistency throughout the font, the irregulaties of the pencil sketches were intentionally kept to preveserve unique traits of Jokal that were imparted by the pencil.

Jokal Font Design Process on Dribbble | Preview all Characters

jokal - quick brown fox jokal - A jokal - B jokal - C jokal - ligatures jokal - ligature
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