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WordPress is a very powerful Content Management System that is ever-growing in popularity. While the user interface is very intuitive, wpLifeGuard seeks to educate the user on just how much you really can do with WordPress. Whether beginner or advanced, wpLifeGuard can help you push the limits of utilizing WordPress to its full potential. It's great for getting a thorough education on WordPress, but it's also very useful for developers. The affiliate program allows those who make websites to refer the tutorials to clients and earn money through affiliation bonuses. This saves developers the time of teaching WordPress to clients with every new project and provides the opportunity to receive a return on that referral.

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wpLifeGuard How it Works Page Design
wpLifeGuard Video Page Design wpLifeGuard Plugin Page Design
Abberdein Case Study
Abberdein Website

Heart Like Your Heart

San Antonio band Abberdein was looking for a completely new website design and identity to promote their Heart Like Your Heart project - their latest album release benefiting World Vision with 100% of its proceeds.

We designed numerous aspects of the project including their Website, Album artwork, T-Shirt, Stickers, and Posters. As a way of tying all the different aspect of the project together to keep the congruency, we also designed a complete font, Jokal, which we have released for free with @font-face.

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Abberdein Website
Abberdein Shirt Abberdein CD Inside Abberdein Characters

Our band was doing something completely different from other projects we had done before. We sat down with the team from Bold Perspective and simply shared from our hearts what we were looking for in an album design and website. Bold Perspective took that vision and created a unique and effective design that communicates what our project is all about, presents information and resources in a way that just makes sense, and connects our audience to our project in a way we couldn't have imagined! The website is VERY easy to keep up-to-date, which as a busy musician, is invaluable. We are very satisfied and happily recommend Bold Perspective to anyone needing to bring their vision to the world.

Ben Toalson, Abberdein

Agendawise Case Study
Agendawise Website


Political news site, AgendaWise is an outside the box news website that delivers a unique take on current events. In this website redesign, we approached the many goals from a unique perspective all while improving the flow and readability of the website resulting in a solid user experience.

This website design features a very clean interface that is overlaid on a robust layout and chock-full of useful features and interactions. A tasteful use of subtle transitions provides a very sleek and impressionable experience. We go into depth with the conceptualization behind the website in our AgendaWise website design case study, so be sure to take a look for more in-depth reading.

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AgendaWise Website Design AgendaWise Website Design AgendaWise Website Design

Bold Perspective is so good I don't want to write a testimonial.

I lie awake at night dreaming of websites to launch so Bold Perspective can design and code them into being.

On a scale of 1 to 10 I just burned the scale down and went with Bold Perspective.

Sean and Brian are in the details. AgendaWise went to Bold Perspective with a unique and challenging request for a website overhaul. The results exceeded our expectations and we are thrilled with the end product. Bold Perspective is methodical in their information gathering, getting to the heart of what not only the client wants but what the end consumer needs. I found their process through and enjoyable and will work with them again soon.

Daniel Greer, AgendaWise

Pundit League Case Study
Pundit League Illustration

Pundit League

Pundit League was a news group that has a pretty seriously specific niche: Young, geeky conservatives. They certainly know their target audience. To appeal to this audience, they wanted a very specific, illustratively-driven website design. Our client, Eric Morris, is one of the best people we have had the opportunity to work with. He presented us with some concepts for the illustration, and we went to town! The final product resulted in the explosive web design you see now - complete with an animated, erupting volcano! This is one news site that won't be soon forgotten.

Pundint League Website Design Pundit League Website Design Pundit League Website Design

I’ve been consistently impressed with Bold Perspective's talent and their rapid response to any request I might have. When looking for designers on the web it can be overwhelming and it's nearly impossible to know what you're going to get. I would suggest that you let Bold Perspective remove that headache, they will consistently deliver the best design and service possible. I would never hesitate to recommend Bold Perspective, in fact I have done so, and they're currently building a close friend's site. Plus, their high moral character and strong work ethic really sets them a cut above everyone out there.

Eric Morris, Pundit League

SpeedyPrep Case Study
SpeedyPrep Website Snippet


SpeedyPrep is an Online CLEP Test Preparation service based out of San Antonio that provides online practice CLEP tests at a very reasonable price. Their website needed a fresh look that better communicated this message and portrayed them as the great organization that they are.

We delivered a clean, new website interface that grabs the attention of new visitors and piques their interest. While SpeedyPrep ended up choosing a slightly different design layout than shown here, we believe this version we are presenting to be the most effective.

SpeedyPrep Website Design SpeedyPrep Icon Design SpeedyPrep Icon Design
Art Covet Case Study
Artcovet Website

Art Covet

Original art showcase, Art Covet, was in pursuit of a clean, minimalistic facelift that would put more of an emphasis on the art. We designed a completely new look that provides some very generous whitespace to give all of the elements some much-needed breathing room. Our choice of font and consistent usage throughout the design adds a level of sophistication that emanates simplistic elegance. The resulting design is a refined look that reflects that of the high quality artwork it showcases.

Artcovet Website Design Artcovet Website Design Artcovet Website Design Artcovet Website Design
Bold Computer Repair Case Study
Bold Computer Repair Business Cards

Bold Computer Repair

Bold Computer Repair is a local company providing On-Site San Antonio Computer Repair. We overhauled the identity to compliment the business name change. A full re-branding has been performed to set Bold Computer Repair above the competition by having the logo reflect the quality of service they provide. A clean website was designed to set the company apart from the notoriously cheap-looking websites of its San Antonio competitors.

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Abberdein Website
Abberdein Shirt Abberdein Characters
Whiteboard Framework for Wordpress

Whiteboard Framework

Most other Wordpress frameworks found on the web aren't true frameworks, they're Wordpress themes branded as a Wordpress framework. Unlike many other "frameworks," Whiteboard is just that: a true Wordpress framework. With a strong div structure and more dynamic IDs and Classes than any other framework, developing a simple, unique, or complex website is a breeze. There is no need to rebuild the site structure or remove large amounts of theme-specific structure and styling - just open and get straight to building your new website.

Whiteboard is different.

Whiteboard is a true Wordpress Framework.

If you build sites using Wordpress & don’t use the Whiteboard framework as a start, you’re working too hard.

PUBLIC SCHOOL, @go2publicschool

"[Whiteboard] is a dream for front-end designers."

Crux Imaging, @CRUXimaging

Working with the guys at Bold Perspective is awesome. Not only do they put out fast, quality work; but they are also simply nice guys. I only wish I had half the amount of talent and drive as they do at their age. These guys are going places.

Vin Thomas, Fixel

Every time I pull up our logo it makes me smile. Seriously couldn't be happier.

Alex Baldwin

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