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Bold Perspective takes good web practices seriously. Here is where we share our thoughts on the web, web design, mobile design, web development, and more.

Professional Conduct

Defining Professionalism At Bold Perspective, we voluntarily commit ourselves to uncompromising excellence with our clients and their projects, as well as with fellow peers of our industry. This obligation is one we pursue out of the interest of delivering unequivocal quality in every area of our work and conduct. The responsibility we are referring to Continue Reading »

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Professionals Don’t Show Clients Wireframes

Quality. It’s essentially the antithesis of compromise. It’s what clients want, but often not something they’re willing to follow procedure to get. It certainly doesn’t help that designers make compromise far too easy for them either. When potential clients approach us, they are looking to hire us because they are interested in the high caliber Continue Reading »

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A Letter to My Representatives About SOPA & PROTECT IP

How to Get Involved Write to your Representatives Call your Representatives Pledge to support candidates who are against SOPA and PROTECT IP An Open Letter to My Representatives Concerning SOPA and PROTECT IP Internet experts agree that SOPA and PROTECT IP are both extremely destructive for the internet and our economy. So why are lawmakers Continue Reading »

Like Count and Perceived Value

You Like This The “like” button is everywhere and with it, a running counter of likes accumulated. With the overwhelming adoption of “liking” mechanisms in almost every network, the age-old concept of value attribution resurfaces. We’re familiar with this concept when it comes to merchandise. We’re exposed to it all the time through advertisements and Continue Reading »

Talent and Hard Work

Overwhelming Inspiration The internet makes it easy for one to be exposed to an exorbitant amount of extraordinary work in potentially overwhelming doses. This is the case with design, art, music, and just about anything conceivable. There are no true shortcuts in life and most skills are earned through dedication, practice and a great investment Continue Reading »

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The Difference Between Spec Work and Pro-Bono or Open Source

What is Spec Work? Speculative Work (or “spec work”) is work performed with no expectation or arrangement for compensation. Anyone who engages in spec work invests uncompensated time and resources with no guarantee of payment. Ok I get it, but what’s the difference? You might ask, “Well what’s the difference between spec work and say, Continue Reading »

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Pt6 Letting the Content Dictate the Design

Find the Message The goal of design at its core is to promote a message. The design and its style should reflect the content and promote the message through the use of an appropriate style. Two Design Approaches: Almost every project is one of the following 2 situations: Scenario a: Client comes to the designer Continue Reading »

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Pt5 Handling Client Revisions

Plan Ahead Revisions are not always bad. Your goal should always be to deliver your best on the first try, but learn to handle revisions properly and they can work for you instead of against you. Define Acceptable Revisions Up Front In your original agreement, you should establish what an acceptable revision looks like and Continue Reading »

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Pt4 Setting Client Expectations

It’s a Team Effort. Be a Good Leader. When you take on a client, you are essentially partnering with the client by forming a team with them. It’s important to remember that you both now have the same goals and are working together to achieve them. Setting the client’s expectations is the most important factor Continue Reading »

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Pt3 Establishing a Process

Trust Comes First In order to have a smooth-rolling and successful project, it is imperative that the client have an established trust in the designer(s) as experts in their industry. You will witness the repeated success of projects seen through to effective completion when there is a strict adherence to a thoroughly outlined process. If Continue Reading »

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