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This is a collection of posts to educate clients on the importance of design by examining all the different components of design, web design, identity design, and more.

Determining the Competence of a Web Designer

The Web Design industry is one that is often misunderstood. For a client looking to hire a web design firm, the task can be quite daunting. Why is web design so expensive? Does price really make a difference? How do I know the web designer even knows what they’re doing? Why So Much Variation? Some Continue Reading »

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Logos Do Influence “The Experience”

Yesterday, Scrivs of Drawar posted “The World isn’t a Dribbble Showcase” in response to designers going nuts over the new Gap logo. It seems like Scrivs’ point is that logos aren’t that big of a deal, ‘they’re just logos’ and don’t affect the brand, only the experience defines the brand. He’s even written a post Continue Reading »

For the Client Blog Posts for Clients

Your Identity Can Make or Break You

Your identity sends a message to your audience telling them who you are. It is often the first thing people will go off of when they make their initial assessment of you and who you represent. Is your identity saying the right thing? 1. First Impressions Are Vital This goes for anything from business cards Continue Reading »

For the Client Blog Posts for Clients

The Five Layers of Good Web Design

Web design is a difficult art. You may wonder, “What makes a good website?” Or “What makes good web design?” Building a successful Web site that is easy to navigate, encourages site exploration, keeps visitors engaged, urges visitors to return, and keeps them entertained is very difficult. Understanding the interaction between a visitor and a Continue Reading »

For the Client Blog Posts for Clients

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