Bold Perspective Design Process

exhaustive guide to a successful project


a. Assess Questionnaire

Once we receive your completed questionnaire, we parse it thoroughly and take in all the details. Getting in tune with your goals gets us on the same page with what you want to accomplish. We make sure all the requested functionality nicely accomodates the desired goals and prepare any recommendations to share with you on the best way to accomplish them.

b. Research Industry

Familiarizing ourselves with your area of business or services will give us a better understanding when relating to you in regards to industry-specific idioms. Essentially, we want to acquire at least a working knowledge of what you do, so you are able to talk with us on the same level—making it easier to more effectively accomplish your goals and ambitions for the website.

c. Present Proposal

Here's where we send you our thoroughly detailed proposal which covers every aspect of what we'll be doing throughout the project. It includes our Creative Brief, Project Details, Quote, Time Frame, Payment and everything else you experience when working with us. We want you to know what to expect which is why we lay it all out explicitly so you know what you're getting into.

d. Revise Proposal (if necessary)

Because of our questionnaire and the extensive research undergone prior to the proposal, we typically have everything covered by the time you receive it. However, we certainly want to work together on your project. If there is anything that doesn't look right, we encourage you to let us know about any changes that need to be made and we will revise the proposal accordingly.

e. Finalize Agreement

When the proposal revision(s) are completed, we will send you the final version of the agreement in the form of an electronic estimate. Once the proposal has been approved, we will follow up with the initial invoice. Although the proposal has been approved, the project only starts once we have received payment. After the payment has cleared, the project can begin.

f. Plan Project

Communication is key. When we begin a project, we strategize about the best way to accomplish the project goals in the allotted time frame and lay out milestones along the way. The great part is that we share all of that with you. Using our Project Management System, Apollo, you will have access to all of our projected milestones throughout the course of the project.

Identity Design

a. Research Competition

In order to be successful, we need to first know what we're up against. If applicable, you shared with us in the questionnaire who your competitors are. We study their brand, website, and methods to take those factors into account when developing your own identity. By weighing our branding decisions with those of your competition, we can put you one step ahead.

b. Conceptualize & Sketch

This is the no-holds-barred segment of our identity development phase. Beginning with mind maps, we churn out dozens of ideas. We sketch many iterations, eventually honing it down to a handful of concepts which—based on many factors—we have determined to be the most effective. We finally pursue the strongest of the select and craft it to perfection.

c. Vectorize

The completed concept sketch is now brought to the computer to be digitized. The logo concept is recreated in vector format and constructed to precise, mathematical proportions. When the shapes are finished, we then select the colors for the logo based on research and color theory as well as any preferences you have. Finally, we package this into nice, tidy preview.

d. Present for Approval

Now it's your turn. We send you the completed logo design for you to approve. Keep in mind that what you are presented with is the result of numerous, intentional design decisions which have been made with your goals and target audience in mind. Every shape, curve, color, and font has been selected and tailored for a specific purpose. Our goal is to get it right the first time.

e. Revise (if necessary)

If needed, a number of revisions are allowed. When requesting revisions, think more along the lines of "This is what will better reach my target audience," and less of "These are the colors I like best." Working together this way will help us arrive at the most effective solution. We want you to be happy with the finished product, just not at the expense of your audience.

f. Final Approval

With any and all revisions completed, we present you with the final design. At this point, you have the option of selecting the latest revision presented, or any of the previous concepts or revisions. If the logo was the only part of the project, we will deliver the final files once the payment has been received. If we are also designing a website, we will continue with the next stage.

Web Design

a. Conceptualize

The first step of our Web Design process involves assessment of the project goals. In order to accomplish the goals, we need to have a clear direction. In this initial stage, we spend some focused time planning out how we will solve the design problems set before us. We spend as much time planning as is necessary before continuing on to the Wireframe or Initial Design.

b. Wireframe

Similar to the Sketching stage of our Identity process, wireframing allows us to get the ideas in our heads out on paper in a tangible way. We focus on hierarchy and structure rather than aesthetics during this stage. Constructing the layout on paper gives us the flexibility to make changes quickly and the ability to focus on the prominence of each individual element.

c. Initial Design

Working from the wireframes, we dive into Photoshop and start designing exactly what will ultimately be seen on the website. The initial design will serve as a basis for all of the other page designs. For this reason, the initial design can potentially account for up to half of time we spend on the entire Web Design process. It's by far the most important and requires a lot of attention.

d. Bold Perspective Touch

To some, the Initial Design might be complete at this point. Not for us. Here is where we like to add a little extra. Something we like to call the "Bold Perspective Touch." It is essentially the finer details — the extra finesse, if you will — that make the design stand out from the crowd and make you say, "Wow!" This lets you know you made the right decision in choosing Bold Perspective.

e. Initial Design Approval

The first design we provide will be the Home page design. This design will be indicative of the direction and style with which the rest of the website will follow suit. You will have the opportunity to share any feedback or change requests that you have. We want to make sure this first page is headed in the right direction before we continue with the rest of the page designs.

f. Revise (if necessary)

If needed, we do allow revisions to be made on the Initial Design. It's important to start off on the right track. We would encourage you to approach this stage from the perspective of reaching your clients in the most effective way rather than requesting changes that are related to personal tastes. Remember, we're not designing for you, we're designing for your clients.

g. Revision Approval

If there were any revision requests for the Initial Design, we will process the changes and send you an updated version for you to approve. Finalizing the Initial Page design is crucial as many of its the elements will be reused throughout the other pages. Once the Initial Design revisions have been approved, we will continue on with the rest of the page designs.

h. Design All Pages

With a good design direction in place, any and all of the remaining website pages and their individual elements will be designed. The design of the entire website will be closely tied together resulting in a consistent, uniform interface. This congruency makes for a very solid look-and-feel that will leave a lasting impression of your brand that won't soon be forgotten.

i. Final Approval

Now we present you with all of the pages that have unique designs for approval. This is the last opportunity to make any change requests on the design. Once the pages have been approved, we can continue with the development phase. Everything needs to be approved at this stage as we do not make any major design-related changes after the development has begun.

Web Development

a. Code

While mostly in the background, our code is what makes everything come together. It's incredibly light-weight which makes for a fast-loading website. The code is well-noted which means it's very easy to maintain. We code progressively and build things right to begin with, so our websites are cross-browser compatible and function as intended no matter what.

b. Implement CMS

We proudly build our websites on Content Managment Systems. The beauty of a CMS is that it allows for easy addition of pages and content without requiring any technical knowledge. Infinite scalability and a large number of features are other natural benefits. Depending on the project, we will use either Wordpress, Unify, Magento, Drupal, or Expression Engine.

c. Configure CMS

While Content Management Systems are for the most part usable right out of the box, additional configuration is often required when a large amount of custom content and modules are needed. We also perform a number of optimizations to tailor the CMS to the needs of each project. These extra steps will give you the most control over your website once it is completed.

d. Integrate Modules

Modules can be anything from a basic slider to a full-blown eCommerce shopping cart. Any advanced, dynamic, or custom functionality is taken care of in this stage. Commonly integrated modules are SEO-related, improved Comment Structure, Forums, Newsletter Signups, Calendars, Photo Galleries, Password-Protected pages, and Member Only Areas.

e. Test Functionality

Every possible action that your users will potentially take will undergo multiple passes of testing. We want to make sure everything is functioning properly and all of the features are working perfectly on a reliable web host. No half-baked websites will escape our grasps and you can rest assured that your website has been thoroughly tested and is fully operational.

f. Final Approval

Are you excited? We're excited! During this final stage, you will have the opportunity to experience your website to the full extent — just as your visitors will. You will be provided with a link to a live preview of your new website to explore to your heart's content. After you have indulged yourself in the details of every page, simply give us the go-ahead, and we'll push it live!

Launch the Website

Sit back and enjoy the success!

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