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Professional Conduct

Defining Professionalism

At Bold Perspective, we voluntarily commit ourselves to uncompromising excellence with our clients and their projects, as well as with fellow peers of our industry. This obligation is one we pursue out of the interest of delivering unequivocal quality in every area of our work and conduct. The responsibility we are referring to is that of a Design Professional. As professionals, it is our duty to uphold, promote, and dedicate ourselves to conducting with integrity, and competence.

Professionalism is a term that can be rather ambiguous and subjective in meaning. As such, there is need for the concept to be defined in order to diminish any vagueness and potential uncertainty as to what is meant when one is referred to as a professional.

We’ve previously touched on a number of issues in regards to professionalism and how it pertains to client work in our article series, Enabling Successful Projects. While this helps to clarify many parts of our approach, it’s far from all-inclusive. There is much more encompassing the ideology of professionalism, and how it influences the way we operate, than has been articulated in article form. Up until now, it has simply been an internal standard that we uphold on our own account.

The Need for Professionalism in the Design Industry

In 2011, a fantastic piece of writing was published to help define what it means to be a Design Professional; Design Professionalism is a treatise written by the knowledgable and respected, Andy Rutledge. It eschews profligacies and gets right to the core issues surrounding professionalism in relation to the designer. Aptly-dubbed “the designer’s guide to taking back your profession,” it certainly accomplishes the task of putting the designer on the right path towards pursuing a professional career in design.

However, while the treatise effectively covers the topic of professionalism, it wasn’t meant to be used as an exhaustive reference that outlines all of the standards of a professional ethics.

With this being the case, there has remained a need for a thorough, comprehensive outline of conduct held by a professional.

The Academy of Design Professionals

Enter: The Code of Professional Conduct.
The formidable Andy Rutledge continues to lead the way on the front of professionalism in our industry with his latest publication. Not to leave us high and dry, he has compiled an extensive list of ethical standards. From Standards of Excellence to Conduct and Integrity, The Code of Professional Conduct is an in-depth, and laudably meticulous coverage of all things professional.

The Academy of Design Professionals is a public recognition of individuals who represent the highest standards of design professionalism and competence.

Members are those who have made a public pledge the uphold the standards of The Code of Professional Conduct and in so doing, willingly invite scrutiny and become accountable to peers, colleagues and clients.


We are enthused to see such an display of dedication and commitment to professionalism. The ethics and ideals promoted by The Academy of Design Professionals echo those that have been very strongly upheld and practiced by Bold Perspective, and as such receive a hearty “Amen!”. It is with this notion that we give The Code of Professional Conduct our full endorsement.


As Bold Perspective, we hereby pledge our dedication to the the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence in design practice and promise to uphold the spirit and letter of the Code of Professional Conduct through consistent practice and habitual reflection on our actions.

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